<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/18/37/45/170929065033.jpg?t=1521801059"><br>When opportunity knocks!! This home will pay for itself, it has an 3 bedroom apartment above the pole barn that rents for $800 a month, and 7 sites that it rents out at $300 per month each all have their own manufactured trailers on them. The current owners rent the main house out for $1,000 a month that is a total of $3,900 each month $46,800 per year! The30x50x10 Pole barn insulated and heated with a full bath could also be rented for extra cash. We have a total of 4 tax id#s included the home &amp; pole barn is on 00301202500-2 acres, Vacant lots with trailers on are 00301202600 - .50 acre, 00301202700 - .50 acre, then 00301202800 - 2 acres. Live free don't miss out. Possible land contract with minimum of $80,000 down.<br>